In the heart of Lapa stands one of the main stages of Rio’s cultural scene, Fundição Progresso (Progress Foundry). Founded in the final period of the dictatorship as fruit of the resistance of independent artists, the space is a symbol of struggle, creativity and innovation until today.In November, the iconic location gains another milestone in its history as it hosts ColaborAmerica. It will be a weekend dedicated to building together, subverting business-as-usual and renewing our outlooks.

What is a zero waste event?
olaborAmerica is committed to being a zero-waste event. We take all possible measures to reduce the production of waste and prevent it from entering landfills or incinerators.This decision entails careful planning to limit the use of unnecessary items, reuse and recycle materials, as well as making participants and the team involved aware.

What we are going to do this year:
Digital Guide
All the information you need will be available online through ColaborAmerica’s social networks. In this way, we don’t need to produce printed programs and other unnecessary materials.
Electronic waste
Electronic equipment causes serious environmental damage if not disposed of properly. During the festival, you can take your electronic waste to be treated safely and conscientiously.

Recycling is inevitable
All waste produced at the festival will go through a process of sorting, weighing and forwarding to cooperatives where they will processed in order to begin a new cycle.

Partner: Visões da terra e Cooperativa Trasformando
Non-disposable items
Plastic disposable cups, plates and cutlery are banned at CooperAmerica. My Eco Cup will make returnable cups available for use throughout the event.

Parceiro: Meu Copo Eco
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